Zoiper Set Up

Login to Zoiper as a free user. All of your domains is Domain: sipm4.au.voipcloud.online:7060

Aimee: SIP login 752260 
SIP password a1kkHKLhjSVnHxKh


Christer: SIP login 923996 
SIP password vDEBRoOWDKuZmtsj

Lyn: SIP login 705617 
SIP password JI6fyfiYA0kRXZrJ


Panagiotis: SIP login 638246 
SIP password EL0HbZsgPHejqxIq



All outgoing calls are recorded so remember to say “Please note that this call is recorded for quality and training purposes” when you make an outgoing call.

Outgoing calls outside of your on call shift:


Domain: sipm4.au.voipcloud.online:7060

Username: 752260 

Password: a1kkHKLhjSVnHxKh

For now we will continue texting from Skype accounts

Poor quality voice calls

If you ever experience the below let Lyn know so she can find voice recording in my emails and send to voipline. advise what device you were using also.