Key situation at Deligiorgi

Please be aware that we had a key safe/lock box stolen at 51-53 Deligiorgi Street , Metaxourgeio 10437, Athens recently. So currently we are going off of 1 lock box and hoping that one doesn’t also get stolen. 


The cleaner Stavros has a set of backup keys. Should guests go to check-in and there is no lock box call Stavro immediately to see where he is then use your Uber app on your phone to send an Uber from where Stavros is to the guests. (please make sure you all download Uber app as this may come in handy one day for various emergency situations). Should the guests go to check-out and there is no lock box advise them to leave the keys in the room. We will then need to have Stavros (or one of Panagioti or Phil's friends) meet the next guests with a key. 


Email Stavro a reminder to always have his cleaners have the backup key on them when they arrive to apartment. 


Absolute worst worst case scenario (if we can’t get a hold of Stavro) book the guests in for 1-2 nights at a nearby accommodation site (similar to ours) using our greek PayPal account. 


We will most likely eventually install a different key system that does not require lock boxes but that may take some time. 

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