Sending Guidebooks

Sending Guidebooks


All guests are sent a form after booking (with airbnb) and booking + paying (with or other platforms) and must now fill out the below form (this is an example only, they all get sent a unique form) which will then automatically forward them onto the guidebook before they get sent a guidebook. 


Take a look at the form to understand what the guests see.}&control33782400=Rick Karens&control33782398=Swainson on Deligiorgi&control33782399=51-53 Deligiorgi&,h_411,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/01_IMG_5276.webp&control54940967=3


Therefore, if a guest calls or emails asking for the guidebook we must first confirm that they have filled out this form. asking them is not enough. we need to check 

username password xofpuh-seghij-2mEpdo click on “Guidebook” > Submissions and use the search bar to look for their submission via first their booking reference ie 069BI7 and if that doesnt come up then search their name.


If they have filled out the form, then send them the guidebook (can be seen as a field in their form submission under “Guidebook” or just use textexpander shortcut)


If they haven’t filled out the form, then send them the form again which is accessible in bookingsync, apps, notifications, sent, search for the day their booking was created, this can be found here or here then you can search for the booking reference to find the email. click “show” then copy and paste link to send to them. send via email not text as text will be expensive for so many characters. 




Parking is now $15 AUD a day for all AUS properties booked through Airbnb bookings are still free parking.    (no need to tell both sets of guests the difference of course!) 


If a guest calls to ask what is the parking arrangement (ie they don’t have carpark card or garage remote in lockbox) then advise they haven’t paid for parking yet. they can pay via payment link (do not process on VT too expensive) if you edit their booking on bookingsync and add service “parking” to services in bookingsync make sure the correct amount is calculated by system ie $15 x number of days staying. 


Be mindful to always check we are talking to customers, because if it is an Airbnb customer it just means they didn’t request car-parking when they filled out the form. 


Any bookings made before today will not be charged for parking and will be provided parking. 

- If a guest books parking after having already filled out their booking form. we must login to 123contact form hit “Guidebook” hit “submissions” find their submission and edit it so parking says “yes” instead of “no”.


- bookings change the paid parking section to Yes only. Airbnb bookings change the free parking section to yes only.


This is critical information as we will decrease our number of parking spots soon. 


Early CI Late CO


The fee for this is now $30 AUD in Aus. All early CI and late CO for customers to be charged by adding a service to booking through bookingsync (edit booking (bottom right hand corner) >> add more fees services)>> select then hit update) then send the updated payment link. no need to lodge this income in evernote as it will show up on our system automatically. 


Airbnb guest early CI late CO still request through airbnb and lodge on evernote when paid.

Guest having issues filling out form


If guest is having issues filling out the form, recommend they

(1) try another browser ie safari vs google chrome &/or

(2) try from another device (ie send the link to a friend) 


If they get frustrated offer to fill out form for them verbally over the phone on their behalf and photo of id (if needed they can just email to you).

ID Check

If incorrect ID is uploaded (except Airbnb bookings), contact guest for correct one. Advise keys won’t be left in lockbox if incorrect ID is left (action accordingly according to how soon booking is). If they query it advise them that our forms are encrypted which is safer than handing over ID at a reception desk.

"We don’t require a photo of you. Our lawyers have requested we take a copy of IDs for all bookings (just like all hotels do at a reception desk) so we set up the encrypted form which is definitely safer than handing over ID to staff at a reception desk. This is for the safety of all in the building, ie you can be rest assured that everyone staying next door to you has been checked also so it is safer for all."

*Note: Make sure the License / ID no. is visible on the photo.

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