Room Upgrade / Transfer

Please note don’t block dates for more than 1 day. Not worth the double block if we can’t reach guest. Only block dates for longer if instructed.

Please watch video tutorial below on how to upgrade an Airbnb reservation:












*Blocking dates/ BS support on Airbnb upgrades:

As much as possible, we don't block the dates where the guest will be transferred to. Whenever we are upgrading bookings, make sure to call the guest and let them know that if possible, kindly accept the alteration request while dates on the upgraded apartment are still unbooked.


If we cannot reach the guest, block the dates of the property, then once guest accepts, they will receive an error saying Airbnb could not complete the alteration. We will also receive an email saying this and all you need to do is to report it in Bookingsync so they can fix the error. Once Bookingsync fixes it, the upgraded booking will now appear in the calendar.


For reservations, please watch video below:





If guest is unreachable, make sure to mark the card as invalid (so we can cancel the booking on our end), add a note for guests to ignore the notification as the upgrade/transfer is free of charge. Set a reminder depending on the duration shown in Extranet (normally 24 hours). Then after 24 hours of marking the card as invalid, cancel the booking in Extranet so that the calendar will only show the upgraded booking (and the original booking cancelled).

Important: Please make sure to delete the cancellation email from the 'Reservations' folder so that the assigned staff won't be confused and refund the payment by mistake.

Here is a video of marking the card as invalid:





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