Review Responses

Review Responses examples can be found here.

Response structure

“Hi (guest name), thank you for staying with us and taking the time to leave a review [ie any form of positive start]. Glad (insert their positive comment about the apartment - if any). (Address their complaints by showing that the issue that they had is now fixed and we did everything within reason during their stay to help). Please note that we have sent you a special offer to hopefully go some way towards making up for your disappointment/experience. We hope to host you again soon to show you our usual high level of service/usual great experience. Kind regards, Phil” 


Other common things to be aware of:

- if they complain about something which is advertised within the listing ie the fact that we didn’t clean room daily, replace towels etc > “as advertised, to help keep prices as low as possible for our guests, this is a self contained apartment."

- mattresses too firm or too soft > “we understand that everyone has different preferences with mattresses so next time please contact us direct so we can recommend one of our X rooms which will have a suitable mattress for you”

-  guidebook not sent on time? > if they booked on day of check-in mention that emails are checked periodically throughout the day and that we recommend same day bookings call us to confirm their booking and receive check in details > if they booked in advance “our records show that we did send you the check-in details at the time of booking via email and text, maybe your email and phone no. connected to the account weren’t current? We are glad though that we were able to help instantly when you called us on our 24/7 customer service phone line”


Send special offer

If you deem the customer had reason to be disappointed with our service and it wasn’t something completely unreasonable, send them “?spe” message via email. 


Cleaning feedback

If there was feedback about cleaning, refer to properly to find which cleaner prepared the room. send them a copy of cleaning comments (customers only - don’t create your own feedback) via email. cc me into the email and make sure the word “feedback” is in subject line (so it redirects into a certain folder for me which I refer to later).  


Email report to Phil

In one email list room issues (grouped by room) and cleaning issues (grouped by cleaner). The email report to Phil should have three sections. Room issues (by room), cleaning issues (by cleaner), customer service issues. 

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