Group Chat (Skype)

No need to report things on Properly and then alert the group chat on Skype. While it's good to get the point across, reporting issues is sufficient enough as Lyn is always on top the maintenance reports and everyone that needs to see that information (Shay and Lyn) will see it through those emails.


Examples of urgent issues are a broken bed or missing keys and these should definitely be brought up in the group chat for the on call customer service to address. A broken mop bucket or low cleaning supplies is not urgent and can simply be reported through Properly. This is the same with guests who haven’t checked out on time or a messy apartment, unless it will affect the next guests (delay in check in time), it can be reported through Properly only. 


A good way to think of it is that anything that is just to be ’noted’, should be reported to Properly and anything to be ‘actioned’ immediately, send in the group chat. 


Also, please be aware that messages in Skype can quickly get lost or flushed out if something else urgent comes up. Any suggestions or general questions, consider emailing the relevant party instead of sending a message in the group chat. Emails are much easier to keep track of when it comes to responding to them or actioning a task.

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