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"Recently, I heard about Airbnb for the first time but hadn't yet used it, either as a guest or a host. 

My family and I were travelling to Europe for several weeks and I wondered whether I could make some money by renting my home on Airbnb while I was away. 

After doing some research, I decided that although there was probably some money to be made it would just be too hard to manage myself while I was away. Between preparing my home, creating the listing, organising cleaners, washing linen, communicating with guests, managing check-in and check-outs this had the potential to ruin my holiday! Also, could I trust strangers to be in my home while I was half-way around the world? What if damage was done?


So, I then came to the conclusion that I would either find someone to list my home on Airbnb or I would not do it at all. That's when I found Swainson Apartments. They are great operators and felt comfortable leaving my home in their hands. 

Swainson Apartments managed absolutely everything and I didn't even have to lift a finger or check any e-mails while was away. Before I left for my trip, they helped prepare my home and brought in their professional photographer to take the perfect shots. While I was away, they took care of all the cleaning, linen, amenities, inspections, check-ins, check-outs and guest communication.


Not only did Swainson Apartments list my home on Airbnb, they were able to advertise the property on many other platforms including, TripAdvisor, and their own website. This was all managed using their high-tec software.


Their award winning service and hundreds of reviews helped me get lucrative bookings from the day I left for my trip.


The biggest concern that I had was how I would find my home when I returned. So, I was really relieved and glad to find the place exactly as I left it. 

Making easy money while I wined and dined in Europe simply wouldn't have been possible without Swainson Apartments. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants extra income to help fund their next holiday.   

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