Professional Airbnb Management in Adelaide


On interstate trips I have stayed in a few Airbnb apartments but had never really thought to list my own investment properties on the website.

I was introduced to Swainson Apartments and they showed me what my investment properties could earn on the vacation rental market. I hadn't even considered that my properties could be marketed in ways other than on Airbnb. Their software allows them to simultaneously list properties on multiple platforms such as, Agoda, Airbnb and even their own website. This, together with marketing to their large e-mail list of existing customers, makes them the professional organisation that they are.  

Their several years of experience, award winning service, dynamic pricing, hotel quality linen, highly trained cleaning staff and online presence are all examples of what helps to set my properties apart.

I would recommend Swainson Apartments to any investors who would like to make more money from their investment properties.   

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