Patricia’s invoice simply added per apartment. They will automatically tally to be included under all apartments. 


Cleaners wages need to be entered twice. 

- Monthly amount for all cleaners at all apartments * 1.095 under “all” apartments. 

- monthly amount per apartment *1.17 under each apartment’s spreadsheet 


Please note to check each employees first sheet in payroll spreadsheet “employee details” for any annual leave paid out. Annual leave is added under “all apartments” under “cleaners wages”. Invoices

No need to add invoices into zoho. We have automated this now.

Star (*) invoices

If Phil puts an invoice into Evernote with a “ * “ (star) in the subject line then put the subcategory as per normal and a * at the end after a space ie "Food *” "Taxi *” etc 


If there is no clear subcategory then just make it “**” (starstar)

STP (single touch payroll)

This must be done monthly.

Login to




Do not calculate super on anything $450 a month or less, goes on a month by month basis (ie if they get $500 in July they get super for July. if they get paid $400 for August no super calculated for august.

Any questions ask John or Phil.

Evernote Receipts:

Note we must enter in shareable evernote link such as into manual expenses from now on.


Right click on evernote note and select “copy shareable link” paste into manual expense entry from now on.

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