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When cooking anything, please use the kitchen fan, open the sliding door, and don’t cook anything that will produce smoke or fumes. At no time should you tamper with the smoke detector or sprinklers as this will also cause an alarm.


If you set off the Fire Alarm in the apartment follow these instructions:

  • Try to clear the smoke (open the door; stand on chair and fan the smoke detector);

  • Once the smoke has been cleared within the 90 second time frame, the smoke detector

    will reset;

  • If smoke is not cleared after a 120 second time period, the fire alarm will automatically

  • sound to Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS);

  • This will result in a penalty fine of approximately $800 for which you are responsible & will be invoiced for.

    If the fire alarm is sounding and does not turn off, you must follow the Emergency Evacuation Procedures;

  • Exit through the emergency exit doors, walk down the stairs to the front of the building. Do not use the elevators;

  • Meet outside the front of the building;

  • Wait for the fire department to tell you when it is safe to return to your apartment.

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