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Check In

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Check-in time is anytime after 2:00pm.


We may be able to arrange an earlier check-in time, if you contact us at least 24 hours before arrival. The earlier that you contact us, the more likely that this will be possible.

As there is a lock box at the property in 96 North Terrace containing your key and building access card, you do not have to notify us of what time you wish to check in.


Use the Google Maps street view link here and follow the photos below as a guide to the lockbox.

Embassy Entrance

Upon entering the car park on the left side, you will find the lockbox inside a black metal case.

embassy lockbox
237FBC22-C345-47DC-9B17-6ABDA4DD1ECC (2).jpg

The lock box for your apartment is labelled 'E508' and the code to open it is 0546.


Remember to close the lock box and the padlock and scroll the code to a random number so others cannot access it. 

If you have a car, parking is at 'The Terrace Public Car Park' (CarE Park). Do not turn right on a steep hill, just go straight until you reach CarE Park then go straight and swipe the CarE Park card onto the swipe pad to enter the carpark and the roller door will open. Customer Service will provide which Bay you may park at.

CarePark entrance.jpg

Once your car is parked, walk through the exit into the Embassy building next door.


As apartment is on level 5, in the lift swipe the apartment access card on the black box (swipe pad on the left) and select level 5.

1706 lift.png

The Apartment # is 508. Use your key to enter the apartment.

Please open the black metal case on the left. Padlock code is 1708.

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